Magazine for Sexuality and Politics

Issue 03

Love, Work and Knowledge

are the wellsprings of our lives.

What is Apprentices4Future?

Lucie Wähler

We are a group of apprentices from many apprenticeship professions who stand up for the sustainability and climate interests of apprentices ranging from actors to politics, business, education, administration and civil society. As a grassroots movement, we want to put training on a sustainable path from the bottom up.

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The three goddesses: Aphrodite, Demeter and Athena

Zacharias Ben Mansour

The quote from Wilhelm Reich "Love, work and knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives. They should also govern it." finds an artistic interpretation here in the form of the Greek goddesses of love, agriculture and wisdom.

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In praise of the “common”: Love, Work, and Knowledge

Gabriel Gualhanone Nemirovsky

The combination of love, work and knowledge inscribes itself in the struggle for the "common". Many social initiatives have created fertile ground for the creation of social bonds and grassroots democracy, guided by scientific and public forms of knowledge.

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Beyond the Beautiful Appearance of The New Digitalised World of Work - From Wilhelm Reich's "Work Democracy" To Future Economic Democracy

Wolfgang G. Weber

Almost limitless "freedom" is being promised to workers in both the present and future of the digitalisation of the world of work. But how can we think beyond these transfigurations, in which people assume ownership of the means of production and the right to decide on and responsibility for strategic decisions?

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Activism as a form of work? Insights into activist work and well-being

Laura F. Röllmann

For many people, work is a place of identification, knowledge acquisition and everyday structuring. Not having this place represents a big problem for most people. But what role does activism take in life? Can it also be called work?

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More quality of life through "third places"!

Arne Germann

"Third places" are meaningful for balancing work and private life as well as for integration, cohesion and the renewal capacity of communities. What are "third places" and what is their real potential?

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Pleasure at work – A Contradiction? Otto Fenichel’s Functional Pleasure

Susanne Schade

If, as is the case, critical theory talks about there being nothing right in the wrong, how can it then be that people feel pleasure while working? Yes, it is indeed true: wage labour can be fun.

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