Magazine for Sexuality and Politics

Issue 01

Body Politics

Open To Debate

Drawing – A place of the most erotic

Susanne Schade

When you are intimate with yourself, you can be intimate with others. A lot of people are looking for their intimacy outside of themselves, for outer recognition and gratification. My thesis is that it must first come from within you, in order for you to experience it. One of the important things is how the things that can be touched can be visualised and how they can change the world around you.

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Body and Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

Tarang Taswir

Peering behind the camera lens, I watch the bright colors splash across my model’s round face, mimicking a slender chameleon full of color. We are undoubtedly sensorial creatures yet the amount of attention we give to our bodily perception overrides the inherent spirits and talents we possess.

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Fear of the clitoris

Dimitrios Chourdakis

I am more interested in those theorists, regardless of their gender, who postulate equality but who, upon closer inspection, create a construct by reversing the signs of phallic monism, thus adopting the misogynistic narrative. Are we allowed to ask why everything seems to revolve around the penis? Couldn't developmental psychological phases also have been derived from the clitoris?

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(M)other – When your ticket to the club is ripped up, what then?

Adele Myers

The film was made in the Outer Hebrides and set to the music of Anthon Hunter. The music so resonated with me upon first hearing it and it somehow evoked all of my sadness. Its melancholic tones reminded me of the loss and the emptiness I was feeling. A vague attempt to accept the option to be what I guess I thought I was meant to be through this experience.

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My Child in Transition

Katrin Angermann

Achim: When his transition had just occurred, I was formulating my thoughts and feelings rather extremely. I first had to deal with the death of my daughter, so to speak, before I could accept the birth of my son. The conversations I was having with my friends helped me to process to some extent the grief and pain I was experiencing. It was really necessary for me to have these conversations.

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Back to Nature: Return to the Body

Daniel Jahn

The media image of social movements as well as environmental protests is shaped by bodies. Protests as a form of media event make use of bodies as a medium. This can clearly be observed in demonstrations with thousands of people revolting against the transportation of radioactive materials, data surveillance, people coming together for higher wages or against Coronavirus measures not to mention social movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Yellow Vests that are expressing their displeasure about exploitation and social issues.

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The club as church

Tessa Morgan

It's already been ages since I added someone I had met on Tinder to my Facebook page. While briefly skimming through his Facebook profile, I noticed that he likes to go clubbing on Sunday afternoons in one of Berlin's better-known clubs and that he had posted on Facebook that he regularly goes to church. How is all of this meant to be understood?

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You can’t liberate Palestine with your dick

Akram Baker

Growing up in a mixed culture, in the US and in the occupied Palestinian Territories, being both American and Palestinian at the same time, it isn’t surprising that my entire sexual identity was also a convoluted and confused smorgasbord of everything and nothing. Just being a young adult is difficult enough, but when you pair it with the identity crisis that most of us cultural mutts grow up with, it quickly became some kind of monster.

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