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Political Borderline

Susanne Schade

Imagine there is a father, that is a person full of hatred and imagine that there is a lovely warm hearted mother. How can a child ever decide on which path it would like to walk on. It is an impossible task. The concept of borderline as in ICD10 or DSMV does not fully allow to grasp this phenomenon. I regard borderline more as walking the line by crossing on part at one time and crossing the other part at another time. But can a person walk the line. Is the middle of the parents the middle between sadism and loveliness - the solution?

Many discussions over centuries are inheriting this particular problem of political borderline between these parents and yet a solution has not yet be found.

From a psychoanalytic perspective stemming from the theory of neurosis by Otto Fenichel, there is some work to be needed being done and insights to be gained. The full hatred of the father must be rejected while the love towards the mother must be rescued. How can a person reject such a father that is full of hatred, does not have the child to fear that it is being let down and put down by such a father. Yes that is true. The sadness that come from being let down by such a sadistic father is something that needs to be taken care of. It is a natural reaction towards such a father and inevitable to work through.

It is however possible that a person that rescues the love to the mother finds strength in that very love and stabilizes itself in the appearing grief that stems from the father relationship.

A way out of this neurotic conflict is love to the world, is overcoming the hatred of the father and be able to warmly meet people, to lovingly engage with a community and to move beyond this father, that has been lost.

Photo: Max Bohme, unsplash, 2024

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